Our exhibition, René Magritte: The Pleasure Principle is now open at Tate Liverpool.

Here you can see over 100 paintings alongside drawings, collages, examples of Magritte’s commercial designs, as well as rarely seen photographs and films. The exhibition will include iconic paintings by the artist including Golconda (1953) and The Pleasure Principle (1937) as well as some more surprising works, offering visitors a fresh insight into the intriguing world of Magritte.

Magritte Tell us what you think Press
Darren and Christoph, curators of René Magritte introducing journalists to the exhibition
Magritte Tell us what you think Pleasure Principle
René Magritte, The Pleasure Principle 1937, on display at Tate Liverpool

We are enormously excited about this exhibition and encourage you to post your comments and messages about René Magritte: The Pleasure Principle here on the Tate blog.  I look forward to reading them.

Darren Pih, co-curator René Magritte: The Pleasure Principle


Andrew Walker

My wife and I travelled up from London to see the Magritte exhibition and we have to say that all the travelling was worthwhile. A fantastic overview of his life and work. With the wind and rain battering the roof and windows, an altogether surreal experience. If I had one slight criticism it would be that the lighting, in places, caused reflections which made it difficult to see some aspects of the exhibits. However the depth of this exhibition was superb. Our first time to the Tate Liverpool and a thoroughly enjoyable day.


I'm not usually moved to blog but the trip from London we planned specifically to see the Magritte exhibition was very much worth the effort. The exhibition was superbly curated with enough known pieces but also an insight into Magritte and his life - his day job of commercial art and his wonderfully surreal films and photos. There were so many pieces from private collections - thank you so much Darren Pih and Tate Liverpool for letting us see them. Yet another exhibition which makes me glad that I'm a Tate member but shame there's not a Members' Room in Liverpool.