Thank you for all your interesting suggestions for identifying the mystery man in Schwitters’s EN MORN.

Of these William Keith Kellogg, as suggested by Rick Mumma, seems to be the closest facial match, but the signature, although not really legible, doesn’t seem to correspond to the letters of his name.

Reader taffdancer at b… suggested on our blog that we contact the Museum of Brands and Packaging for help. We are in fact already working with them on a future blog post about Schwitters’s use of British sweet wrappers, so we’ll let you know if they turn up any more information.

Kurt Schwitters EN MORN 1947 DACS 2012 Centre Pompidou, MNAM-CCI, Dist. RMN / Bertrand Prévost
EN MORN 1947

Whilst we are yet to find out the identity of the mystery man, excitingly we have found the girl in the collage with your help. Many thanks to John Eaton who found the advertisement ‘These are the things we are fighting for’ for Community Silverplate cutlery in which she appears as a teacher representing ‘the right to teach truth … not propaganda’.

Return to our blog over the coming weeks to find out more on Schwitters’s use of materials.