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  1. Blog
    3 February 2016

    AnnoTate – Tate and Zooniverse’s crowdsourced transcription project – has now been live for five months, and during this time over 10,000...

  2. Blog
    12 January 2016
    Lawrence Lek

    Artist Lawrence Lek, the first contributor to the Archives and Access Artist Albums project, outlines his practice and research in the...

  3. Blog
    26 November 2015
    Alyson Rolington

    The ARTIST ROOMS Collection has over 1,600 artworks, drawn from a wide range of media. It is a uniquely active collection of modern and...

  4. Blog
    31 October 2015
    Jen Loffman

    Robert Mapplethorpe is one of those names that makes your ears prick up. If you’re told there’s an exhibition of his work, you probably have...

  5. Blog
    30 October 2015
    Darragh O’Donoghue

    Tate Britain is the National Gallery of British Art, with a remit to collect British works of art from around 1500 to the present. For most of that...

  6. Blog
    27 October 2015
    Christopher Ganley

    Roy Lichtenstein, one of the most important and recognisable American artists of the post war era, was born on this day in 1923. The ARTIST ROOMS...

  7. Blog
    14 October 2015
    Sophie Risner

    Sophie Risner, Library and Archive Administrator as well as Administrator for the Archives and Access project introduces us to Artist Albums a one...

  8. Blog
    9 October 2015
    Damien McGlynn

    Don McCullin, 80 years old today, is widely recognised as one of the most important photographers of our time. His work documenting conflict and...

  9. Blog
    15 September 2015

    Tate and Zooniverse’s online crowdsourcing transcription tool AnnoTate launched on 1 September, and since then has welcomed over 10,500...

  10. Blog
    1 September 2015

    Within the notes, letters and sketchbooks that constitute an artist’s archive, insights into the lives, loves, losses of individuals are preserved.

  11. Blog
    23 August 2015
    Sophie Risner

    For the second instalment of our Volunteer blog post we reflect on the challenging yet fascinating work of the Archive Explorer, ...

  12. Blog
    24 July 2015
    Sarah Jarvis, Jen Aarvold, Sophie Risner

    In October 2014 we soft launched a major new feature onto the Tate website as part of the Archives and Access project. ‘Albums is a new tool which...

  13. Blog
    8 July 2015

    Sally Davies, Learning Outreach Curator for Archives and Access, speaks to artist Rabab Ghazoul about her work on the Mining Josef Herman learning...

  14. Blog
    24 June 2015
    Inga Fraser

    Barbara Hepworth began to incorporate ‘string’ into her sculpture in 1939, with works carved in plaster, and then wood, that was often painted. The...

  15. Blog
    19 June 2015
    Sophie Risner

    June commenced with National Volunteers week; an annual celebration of the contribution made by millions of volunteers across the UK, so in...

  16. Blog
    12 June 2015

    In the second of her behind-the-scenes blogs, Curator Inga Fraser charts the arrival of a rarely seen Hepworth sculpture on its journey across the...

  17. Blog
    4 June 2015
    Lara Demori

    If you have never heard about the Italian poet Giuseppe Ungaretti, Like Leaves in Autumn, edited by Carlo Pirozzi and Katherine Lockton and...

  18. Blog
    1 June 2015

    I recently visited two locations, both of which are significant in understanding Barbara Hepworth’s approach as one of Britain’s most important...

  19. Blog
    20 May 2015
    Alicia Bruce

    If I were just curious, it would be very hard to say to someone, 'I want to come to your house and have you talk to me and tell me the story of...

  20. Blog
    14 May 2015
    Louisa Brown

    I am a History of Art student at the University of East Anglia in a love affair with contemporary art. When I received an email back in...

Showing 1-20 of 892 results