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  1. Blog
    25 September 2014

    Since we set up the project webpage in May 2013, we have made lots of progress, the highlights of which I’d like to bring to your attention....

  2. Blog
    25 September 2014
    Laura Carletti

    In November 2012, the Art Maps project was awarded the Telling Tales of Engagement Prize, a RCUK Digital Economy Theme grant, designed to help...

  3. Blog
    17 September 2014
    Tim Bland and participants

    My name is Tim Bland and I work for Daisi, the arts education organisation for Devon & Torbay. The Royal Albert Memorial Museum approached...

  4. Blog
    16 September 2014
    Lucinda King

    A new page appeared on our website last month. Now, new pages appear on our website all the time, but I'd say that Tate's online style guide is...

  5. Blog
    5 September 2014

    Want to be first through the doors for the The EY Exhibition: Late Turner? Get the first look and exclusive access by joining curator Amy...

  6. Blog
    4 September 2014
    Park Gallery Youth Ambassadors

    Works of art are often underestimated: what is the real story behind it? As we stand in a gallery admiring the work before us, we are curious about...

  7. Blog
    1 September 2014
    Flavia Frigeri

    In our last blog post of the series, assistant curator Flavia Frigeri explains how Matisse's cut-outs were transformed into cloth in what the...

  8. Blog
    22 August 2014
    Flavia Frigeri

    Flavia Frigeri, assistant curator of our Matisse cut-outs exhibition, writes on how Matisse's wrangling with the question of how to represent a...

  9. Blog
    21 August 2014
    Denisa Tomkova

    Café des Artistes is an inspired series of public discussion evenings focused on the ARTIST ROOMS collection jointly owned and managed by the...

  10. Blog
    20 August 2014

    Dave Clarke, Projects Manager for Photography at Tate, shares his experiences of our first training and practice sharing workshop in Wales

  11. Blog
    18 August 2014
    Janet Axten

    Janet Axten, former member of the St Ives Tate Action Group, a local organisation created to raise funds to build Tate St Ives, looks back at the...

  12. Blog
    15 August 2014

    How do you like your folk? Whether earthy and traditional or mystical and magical, step into Bella Union's world of folk music as the ...

  13. Blog
    14 August 2014

    As a conservator, I occasionally come across opportunities to work on the collection of one artist, which is something I always greatly relish....

  14. Blog
    13 August 2014
    Eleanor Robertson

        I love art, costume and dance so to be part of a project which encompasses all of the three was a dream come true. The project was a...

  15. Blog
    12 August 2014
    Lulu Guinness

    The British accessories fashion designer Lulu Guinness OBE shares her top ten moments where the worlds of art and fashion collide following a...

  16. Blog
    6 August 2014
    Anthony d’Offay

    Now in its sixth year, ARTIST ROOMS On Tour has been visited by more than 30 million people in over 66 museums and galleries across the United...

  17. Blog
    6 August 2014
    Flavia Frigeri

    This week Flavia Frigeri, assistant curator of our Matisse cut-outs exhibition, takes a closer look at the honest friendship and open rivalry...

  18. Blog
    5 August 2014

    Catrin James, Archive Intern at the Josef Herman Art Foundation Cymru, shares her experiences working on the Mining Josef Herman project as part of...

  19. Blog
    4 August 2014
    Mike Pinnington

    The summer exhibition at Tate Liverpool allows an insight into the ‘unique sensation of seeing’ Piet Mondrian’s most acclaimed studio. Our Content...

  20. Blog
    4 August 2014

    Rebecca Blake, Regeneration and Community Partnerships Co-ordinator at Tate Britain tells us what happened when Sir Coxsone Outernational...

Showing 1-20 of 911 results