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  1. Blog
    24 July 2014
    Emma Palmer

    Transforming the gallery from a white cube to a space for mass participation is an established practice, but now it’s the turn of French architect...

  2. Blog
    22 July 2014
    Rebecca Blake

    Games designed by the local community of South Westminster help show what matters most to them in their local area. Rebecca Blake, Tate Britain...

  3. Blog
    21 July 2014
    Janet Axten

    Janet Axten, former Secretary and Coordinator of the St Ives Tate Action Group, a local organisation created to raise funds to build Tate St Ives,...

  4. Blog
    15 July 2014
    Elena Villaespesa

    Understanding our audiences is a key element in the design of the digital experiences we offer. Our digital strategy principles aim for an approach...

  5. Blog
    14 July 2014

    Want to be first through the doors of Malevich at Tate Modern? Can't wait to gorge on geometric shapes and soak up his stark colours but can't make...

  6. Blog
    11 July 2014

    As part of her work on Tate's Archives & Access project Liane MacIver, Archive Data Inputter, looks at Paul Nash’s wartime letters

  7. Blog
    10 July 2014
    Louise Cohen

    As Tate blog’s season on colour in art continues, here’s a round-up of some eye-popping chroma-shows (yep, we just coined that) on this summer

  8. In Pictures
    10 July 2014

    Textual, satirical and darkly whimsical, browse Ian Hamilton Finlay's portrayal of the French Revolution from Tate's collection

  9. Blog
    10 July 2014
    Rebecca Ward

    Moorland and merciless mountains might be the bête noire of the Tour de France cyclists for the next 21 days, but how have artists represented or...

  10. Blog
    7 July 2014
    Rob Smith

    Rob Smith, Head of Education at Bow Arts, an arts educational charity based in East London, writes on how the students of Bow School took...

  11. In Pictures
    4 July 2014

    Hey David, it's your birthday...

  12. Blog
    3 July 2014
    Mike Pinnington

    It’s that time again! Yes, the Liverpool Biennial 2014 – a celebration of visual art across the city – is upon us

  13. Blog
    1 July 2014
    Kirstie Beaven

    From ship’s figureheads to pincushions, quilts to a giant straw man, British Folk Art at Tate Britain revels in the quirky history of the hand-made...

  14. In Pictures
    25 June 2014

    With our British Folk Art exhibition in full swing, we decided to look at the portrayal of makers in Tate's collection

  15. Blog
    20 June 2014
    Janet Axten

    Janet Axten, former Secretary and Coordinator of the St Ives Tate Action Group (1989-93), a local organisation created to raise funds to build Tate...

  16. In Pictures
    19 June 2014

    23–29 June is National Insect Week, a bi-annual celebration of all-things creepy crawly

  17. Blog
    19 June 2014

    Sally Davies, Learning Outreach Curator, introduces Josef Herman, the inspiration behind the first of the learning outreach projects for Archives ...

  18. Blog
    18 June 2014
    Louise Cohen

    No - they’re Yoni Alter’s! As part of our Summer of Colour on the blog, we meet the Israel-born graphic artist whose London range is lighting up...

  19. In Pictures
    18 June 2014

    The Wimbledon games are here and we love a spot of tennis

  20. Blog
    18 June 2014
    Flavia Frigeri

    This week our assistant curator, Flavia Frigeri, explains how the memory of a trip to the South Pacific inspired Matisse to create his first...

Showing 1-20 of 890 results