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    1 December 2014

    Can you recognise an artwork by its colours? We invite you to take our Tate collection colour palette quiz!

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    1 December 2014

    So, how did you get on? Tally up your points according to the answers below and find out just how clued-up on artists' colour you are

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    16 August 2013
    Louise Cohen, Susan Holtham

    We don't mean to boast, dear readers, but we're very excited that Britain's billboards, buses and black cabs are covered in eye-popping art posters...

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    17 January 2013

    Artists have traditionally lived a rather bohemian lifestyle, favouring a city’s grittier neighbourhoods with cheaper studios and living rents....

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    10 January 2013

    Monna Vanna was painted by Dante Gabriel Rosetti in 1866. From 1866 to 1873 he changed its title three times. First Venus Veneta, then Monna Vanna ...

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    12 December 2012
    Nicola Mascall

    The bed.  A place in which to rest, sleep and dream.  A place for love.  It is also a place for thoughts to come, evolve and take...

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    4 December 2012
    Rebecca Ward

    Let Late at Tate Britain warm up your winter with a Pre-Raphaelite inspired evening. With fashion, performance, craft and music, you’ll...

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    30 November 2012
    Tracy Bellaries

    Fashion collector and designer Tracy Bellaries discusses how the work of the Pre-Raphaelites influences her own craft.

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    23 November 2012
    Elizabeth E. Schuch

    Illustrator and theatrical designer Elizabeth E. Schuch of Immortal Longings discusses how the work of the Pre-Raphaelites influences her...

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    9 November 2012
    Emily Peacock

    UK-based needlework designer Emily Peacock discusses how the work of the Pre-Raphaelites influences her own craft.

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    2 November 2012
    Sahara Dalley

    Textile printer Sahara Dalley from PapaTotoro discusses how the work of the Pre-Raphaelites influences her own craft.

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    26 October 2012
    Stella Bethlehem

    Painter and printmaker Stella Bethlehem from Narinsilk discusses how the work of the Pre-Raphaelites influences her own craft.

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    24 October 2012
    Lucinda Hawksley

    That Dante Gabriel Rossetti adored women is apparent when you look at almost any of his paintings. Whatever the title, the main subject is almost...

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    19 October 2012
    Luciene Calabria

    Potter Luciene Calabria from 42Pots discusses how the work of the Pre-Raphaelites influences her own craft.

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    17 September 2012
    Rebecca Ward

    Work of the week marks London Fashion week with the painting Monna Vanna, by Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

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    11 September 2012
    Alison Smith

    Today, Pre-Raphaelites: Victorian Avant-Garde finally opens to the public. It has been five years since Tim Barringer, Professor of...

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    7 September 2012
    Lee Cheshire

    164 years ago, at about this time in September 1848, a group of precocious young artists and writers met in secret to draw up a manifesto and...

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    30 August 2012
    Alison Smith

    Paintings by the Pre-Raphaelites are amongst the best-loved in Tate’s collection. But they were not always considered to be uncomplicatedly...

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    23 August 2012
    Alison Smith

    When did modern art begin in Britain? In a new show, opening at Tate Britain onSeptember 12 2012, I hope to show you that it was in the mid 19th...

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    8 May 2012
    Kirstie Beaven1

    You never need an excuse to make a wombat the work of the week, but if we did, the anniversary of Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s birth, this week in 1828...

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