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    28 December 2012
    Elena Villaespesa, Emily Fildes

    Thanks to all of you that participated in the quiz last week! Here is a list of all the answers: Which artwork was the most visited on the...

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    21 December 2012
    Stefan Dercon

    When the sun sets just after 18.00 in her village 50km West of Addis Adaba, Tsehay has much less than an hour to clear up before it becomes pitch...

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    21 December 2012

    Light illuminates – the larger idea that shines here is of ‘giving back’ some thing with aesthetic beauty as well as utilitarian function...

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    21 December 2012
    Jamie Drummond

    For many in the western world artificial light is a convenience - a flick of a switch on the wall.  But for millions of people, access to...

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    18 December 2012
    Elena Villaespesa, Maggie Hills, Kirstie Beaven

    December is the month to look at the website statistics and analyse what has been going on during the year. It’s been a year full of news,...

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    17 December 2012
    Kirstie Beaven1

    While plenty of us might be getting ready to hole up and keep cosy over the Christmas holiday, Peter Doig’s Ski Jacket 1994 is here to...

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    17 December 2012
    Kirstie Beaven1

    This week, we caught up with Fergus O’Connor, Senior Time-based Media Technician. Time-based Media covers the installation and care of works of art...

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    12 December 2012
    Nicola Mascall

    The bed.  A place in which to rest, sleep and dream.  A place for love.  It is also a place for thoughts to come, evolve and take...

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    12 December 2012
    Laura Carletti

    The term ‘crowdsourcing’ is increasingly used to define online projects entailing the active contribution of an undefined public. But what does...

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    12 December 2012
    Judith Nesbitt

    They’re resurfacing the roads all over Istanbul. Or so it seems. The world’s museum professionals in modern and contemporary art were gathered here...

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    10 December 2012
    Rebecca Ward

    8 December 2012 marks 90 years since the birth of Lucian Freud and this week's Work  of the Week, Girl with a White Dog  1950-1 ...

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    7 December 2012
    Steph Fox, Emma Pickard

    Emma Pickard and Steph Fox from Tate Enterprises present their Christmas gift guides - for everyone in your life!

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    6 December 2012
    Kirstie Beaven1

    This week the winner of the Turner Prize was announced. Both the presenter, Jude Law, and the winner, Elizabeth Price, took the opportunity to...

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    4 December 2012
    Rebecca Ward

    Let Late at Tate Britain warm up your winter with a Pre-Raphaelite inspired evening. With fashion, performance, craft and music, you’ll...

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    3 December 2012

    This week we are celebrating Tate Members! Whose vital support helps Tate acquire artworks for all to enjoy – such as Henri Matisse’s visually...

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    30 November 2012
    Tracy Bellaries

    Fashion collector and designer Tracy Bellaries discusses how the work of the Pre-Raphaelites influences her own craft.

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    29 November 2012
    Susan Holtham

    We all know the story of Vincent van Gogh who perilously swiped off his ear in despair following arguments with Gauguin. Having sold just one of...

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    29 November 2012
    Emma Marks

    It’s begun. The eating marathon of December is upon us. I have already lined up two Christmas dinners and when I’m not going to be eating them I’m...

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    29 November 2012
    Marianne Mulvey

    These are questions that I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. The concept of performance architecture has been floating around in my head for...

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    26 November 2012
    Stephanie Straine

    There is something profoundly disturbing about this drawing of what appears to be a dead body reanimated in a pose of dynamic movement. On a large...

Showing 1-20 of 156 results