As 2013 kicked off I sent the first tweets from our new @TateFood Twitter account. After investigating what’s already out there on the Twittersphere I had some thoughts along the way. 

Ever wondered if maybe we’ve turned into a world of over-sharers? Between blogging, tweeting, facebooking and constant photo sharing do you think maybe we should take a step back to a simpler time…

Tate Catering Dinner Instagram

The demand for content is now insatiable. New blogs appear so rapidly that the fight to post something new turns to virtual violence. Overnight commentary on food is no longer just for informed chefs and food critics. Doctors, lawyers, students all take time out from their demanding lives (students excepted) to take high resolution shots of their dinner plates at the latest restaurant, invited to dine by a secret blogger. They even find time to make videos debating the merit of girolle versus enoki mushrooms.

A Michelin starred chef is forced to resign following a scathing review on Facebook and is immediately replaced by the chef with the most Twitter followers as declared by The Caterer magazine. Shortly the last vestiges of reality dissolve. After dwindling covers the diner ‘Meat Love’ is replaced by ‘Meat Love, a Tribute’ where you can enjoy queuing for an hour and be fed questionable meats served on a chipped plate. A pop-up, blogger voted, Twitter run restaurant opens and serves only one type of lettuce, washed and on a slate slab. People go mad for it and a national lettuce holiday is declared every March. 

The lights flicker on my computer as two million people watch a YouTube clip titled Eating Soup whilst I simultaneously stream a podcast on cumin. Then I become self conscious of my ranting and wonder if others would want to be included. I feel the need to share my musings with the twitterverse and with one click on my iPhone I’ve added a twitpic. ‘This is a good twitpic’ I think to myself as I hit ‘tweet’ from the @TateFood Twitter account. All is lost.