At the end of last week we were able to get a behind-the-scenes look at the exhibition build for the Susan Hiller show.

The first days of the build
The first days of the build
Susan Hiller exhibition installation walls
Walls from the previous exhibition are reused, reinforced, or removed to fit the new layout.
Susan Hiller and curator Ann Gallagher
Susan Hiller and curator Ann Gallagher survey the work so far

Works in the show that are large-scale installations with sound and video screens require careful planning at the build stage. Light and sound need to be kept in the right areas, and not “leak” into other rooms. For this show, we are building what may be the largest wall ever built at Tate Britain.

Susan Hiller exhibition installation wall insulation
The insulation will be clad with a triple layer of plaster board.
Susan Hiller exhibition installation inside the walls
Inside the wall – 4 layers of insulation are being stacked into the cavity
Susan Hiller exhibition installation plasterboard
Susan Hiller exhibition installation plasterboard

We’ll be following the installation of the show and posting more pictures and videos each week. In the meantime, if Susan Hiller is new to you, you can find out more about her on her own website.



MMmmm, yes, me too looking out for that plasterboard - Exhibition may well be fascinating : Susan Hiller is an almost reasonably interesting artist.

Corporate Photo...

Will they be the thickest walls ever built at the Tate Modern as well? Look forward to this installation. Grant

Harvey Taylor

That's a big saw.

Simon Fell

Perhaps the biggest saw ever seen at the Tate? I will be looking out for that plasterboard too.


how about using biological building material like hemp instead of this yellow shit

John Nicholson

Hi ninaboetting,

So you know what this 'yellow shit' is do you? Sheep's wool with turmeric dye perhaps? Have you any knowledge of the sound insulation properties of hemp? Or do you just like sounding off?

Christine Smith

An almost reasonably interesting artist???? MykesPsyche do you actually KNOW anything about Susan Hiller?

Corporate photo...

Great post, i love looking at the behind the scenes, espesh that i went and saw this exhibition. Mark.