This week we had a chat with Nikki Young in the marketing team about how she put together a campaign for the show:

“We started work on the campaign to raise awareness of the Susan Hiller exhibition many months ago. We began by choosing an image from the show that we thought would excite people about the exhibition - we wanted something contemporary, cool and intriguing.

The breadth of Hiller’s work and her remarkable output was really exciting, as it meant we had a huge amount to consider. In the end, working with Susan and Ann (the curator of the show), we chose a crop from Auras: Homage to Marcel Duchamp, 2008.

visitors in front of Homage to Marcel Duchamp: Auras

Homage to Marcel Duchamp: Auras 2008, installed at Tate Britain

The image is instantly appealing and we felt that it would connect with the audiences we wanted to attract to the show. The other thing we had to think about was whether this image would work for all the different places we might like to reach people - from huge posters on the Tube to images in the papers or on websites.

poster artwork for Susan Hiller show

The final Susan Hiller exhibition poster

We hope that people who already know her work will see this image and want to visit, and those who might not know her work will be intrigued by the image and want to discover it!

The campaign kicked off before the show opened in early January with advertising in the magazines that have monthly or quarterly circulations. Now the show is open, we’re starting to see the posters on the Underground and the images in the papers and on other websites and so on.

Susan Hiller poster at Pimlico Underground station

Susan Hiller poster at Pimlico Underground station

The poster’s up at Pimlico Tube station now. After working on a campaign for a long time, I love seeing it get out in to the wider world!”

Susan Hiller poster at Pimlico Underground station

Susan Hiller poster at Pimlico Underground station

We’d love to know if you see the poster image out and about. Let us know in the comments here, or post a picture up on our Facebook page. 



The poster looks a bit like a self help book if you ask me...


Woa, what a terrible poster! Sorry but ours went straight in the bin. Shame as Susan's work is so great.


Poster living up to the the TATE's reputation as a place where very few new contemporary British artists exhibit anything have a look at Absolute Arts or Saatchi website for works with meaning


love the poster.. so much so i ended up here googling it.

@ashley can you fish yours out of the bin and send to me.. or @kirstie :]


Why only negative remarks about this poster? it's eyecatching and original, and the show is great.