This Sunday 3 February hundreds of women over the age of sixty will convene in The Tanks at Tate Modern as participants in Suzanne Lacy’s new performance artwork Silver Action. Women from across the UK who took part in significant activist movements and protests from the 1950s to 80s will share their personal stories in a live and unscripted performance of staged conversations.

Suzanne Lacy Silver Action
© Suzanne Lacy

These conversations will also be documented live – in film, social media and text - and projected onto the walls of The Tanks. A group of individuals engaged in current social and political discourse and the role of women in social transformation will be tweeting and blogging live from The Tanks using the #silveraction. Through the medium of social media they will take the conversations of the performance out of The Tanks and onto online social networks.

Join the conversations taking place in The Tanks by following and using the tag #silveraction throughout the day, share your thoughts and comments on the Tate blog and continue the conversations online.

Here are some of the tweeters and where you can look to follow the conversations online on Sunday:

Amanda Carr and Jane Kellock

Ren Aldridge

Katie McCrory


Elelta Demissie


Sian Cook


Joanna Sawkins


Cara Rainbow