David Loy spoken word performance at Blueprint Festival

Tate Collective Liverpool invited spoken word artist David Loy to create a bespoke audio interpretation of the Transmitting Andy Warhol exhibition at Tate Liverpool.

“My influences and interest in Warhol stem from his willingness to highlight the contrast between everyday mundane objects and popular consumerist culture, juxtaposed with his connection to celebrity life, glamour and style. For me Warhol’s art, image and lifestyle were one in the same, creating a continuum of constant Pop Art for all those who observed.”

David Loy 

Transmitting Andy Warhol gallery image

With reference to Warhol’s world of celebrity culture and commercialisation, the poem, Dark Glasses, reflects on today’s society and our fascination with fame and the people we put into the limelight.

“Warhol’s art is a great example of how art reflects the society at that time; I think Warhol drew up a blueprint for how modern society and popular culture can be reflected through art.”

David Loy