Over the next three weeks we are going to show you three films with watercolour expert Mike Chaplin on how to master the art of watercolour.

Mike tackles the rudimentary language of watercolour though line, tone and colour and demonstrates how to achieve quick and effective results with your brushes. We take a tour with him through the current Watercolour exhibition at Tate Britain as he demystifies how artists achieved specific techniques. In the first film Mike takes a look at ‘line’ and the basics of composition as he paints on location in Battersea.

Alison Smith is lead curator of Watercolour  and Curator (Head of British Art to 1900), Tate Britain.



you will be careful though won't you ,there are of course many who wish to continue to 'want to paint like Turner'but this can be seen as pretty insulting to a contemporary take on the world! Post erm...lets say Brecht,away with proscenium arch, show the nuts and bolts (and the nuts) which rises again in the post - modern non- hierarchical blah blah blah .This framing/perspective/p.arch all products of the Renaissance of course. The evolution of the brain/mind occurs as our relationship with the real world (ie the one we can access)is articulated. It is articulated so that a shared way to proceed and organise might be accomplished. The modernist 'opening up of the closed world' (Kahnweiler) led to the entry point being from any direction ,an infinity of directions ,no centrality,no front door if you like. Same in music literature and dance of course. For many artists this soon led 'off the page' altogether.


Great video! Could you please also post it on YouTube? As well as the next two videos. Ta!

F M Woolley

There don't appear to be any captions on this video for us deaf people. The technology for this is DIY & so easy too :(