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Sandra Blow, 'Vivace' 1988
Sandra Blow
Vivace 1988
Acrylic and collage on canvas
support: 2600 x 2600 mm
Presented by Tate Members 2007© The estate of Sandra Blow

These are just a handful of the encouraging words that visitors from across the globe to Watercolour at Tate Britain wrote on our blog to express how much they enjoyed the exhibition.

Thank you all for the wide-ranging comments which have been informative, insightful and revealing. For Barry Evans it was: “a ‘must see’ for anyone with even the slightest interest in painting”, while Linnie said that she felt: “really enlightened and educated afterwards”. Many of you wrote to say how much you like the diversity of works on show.

I particularly liked Mike Flaherty’s comments who wrote: “I spent a whole morning with a smile on my face just drinking in the vast breadth of the paintings on show”.

And many of you were also interested in how the medium has changed so much over the centuries, which was an important aspect of the exhibition. Good responses from the critics include Andrew Graham-Dixon writing in The Sunday Telegraph who said the show ‘breathes new life into a medium’, while Laura Cumming in The Observer described the range of works as ‘tremendous’. Many bloggers also had good words to say: Blog de Tendances wrote: “Undoubtedly one of the best of the year, if you are in London, I urge you to visit it before it ends in August”

We do too!

Alison Smith is lead curator of ‘Watercolour’ and Curator (Head of British Art to 1900), Tate Britain. Watercolouris at Tate Britain until 21 August.



I wholeheartedly agree James


i havent got to see it- but I would like to see lots of current work- as water color has a major following- so many artists doing it.

Deryn van der Tang

I was totally inspired by this exhibition. I found the 'old' botanical paintings beautiful and the 'new' botanical painting of beans awe inspiring, the fact that it just evolved as the artist went along gives a modern touch, but with the same detailing as the old. The mapwork was also a very important part of this exhibition, reminding me again how personal art is and being able to fix something in time and place. A hundred years from now I am sure artists will be inspired by what our current generation of artist are producing!

James Glover

I found a considerable and disappointing lack of presentation of modern day watercolourists, many of whom produce brilliant work. The representation of artists from 20th and 21st centuries was poor. The organisers should have displayed some of the very fine work of members of the RWS. There are many examples of watercolour paintings which are vivid, immediate, sublime and beautiful. There was a large room at the end in which these could have been placed. Also in this room there was a baggy piece of plastic sheeting hanging. It had nothing to do with the exhibition. More watercolours by JS Sargent would have been welcome.