My name’s Effy and I’m a member of Tate Collective. More importantly this is the introductory blog of the official Hyperlink blog series. Yaaay!

In this first post I’ll try to bring everyone up to speed on what is Tate Collective and what is Hyperlink.

Jeremy Deller with Tate Collective at Tate Modern
Jeremy Deller (Artist) and Jane Hamlyn (Paul Hamlyn Foundation) with some members of Tate Collective at Tate Modern

According to our site ‘Tate Collective is a space for young creative to discover, share and discuss art.’ Really we’re just a large family! Made up of young people aged 15-25, we get the chance to materialise loads of amazing ideas into events like this one, for example the crafting of the Undercurrent festival (which was incredible). This makes my role especially awesome, as not only am I one of the youngest, but also a TC newbie, so being a part of the planning committee feels immense. It’s great, seeing all the different ideas for things from workshops down to food come together, the performers we’ve managed to book and seeing ideas, (including my own if I do say so) have influence on such a massive event.

Hand on heart I would suggest joining Tate Collective. If you would like to join or simply keep in the loop with our activities and events, email and visit our website.

Hyperlink young people event at Tate Modern April 2013

Like this post, Hyperlink is the first event of the Circuit programme. Circuit will conduct eight (yes a whopping EIGHT) festivals around the country with the aim being to engage us young people with the visual arts. Through being involved with Tate Collective I’ve come to know that experiencing art is a whole other world from the dull stereotype.

Without giving too much away I must say that Hyperlink is looking to be the greatest weekend of the year. Hyperlink looks at the idea of six degrees of separation by breaking down art and exploring through workshops the six mediums of architecture, fashion, graphic design, illustration, industrial design and photography. Leading these workshops we’ll have big names from each of these fields (lips sealed). I’m itching to go to the in-depth workshops, luckily it’s only a month left to go!

I’m even more excited knowing some of my favourite performers and artists such as Sway and It’s Nice That magazine will be in attendance during our three day festival.

Take a look and let us know if they’re your favourite performers/artists too! Don’t forget to visit our site to get involved and to find out more about both Hyperlink and Tate Collective.


26–28 April 2013 in the Tanks at Tate Modern, London


So do not miss out!

Effy, Tate Collective



Hiya! I represent the Harris Museum & Art Gallery in Preston (North West) and I work with a youth group called "Young Harris". We were welcomed by a couple of members of the Tate Collective at Liverpool and given a jolly workshop connecting to the Turner/Twombly exhibition that was on. The Young Harris are quite a lot younger than you guys - 11 to 16 about - but I think I can safely say, they would love to join up with you somehow? maybe even virtually! I believe you have been allocated some funding to do a 3 year project called "open"? Is there any way we could be a part of this? We may have a bit of cash to contribute to something too.

Look forward to hearing from you from Kyra (Access and Inclusion Officer)