Fase: Four movements to the Music of Steve Reich, Tate Modern, 2012

This week, a new space opens at Tate Modern: The Tanks. These raw, industrial, subterranean spaces, each measuring over thirty metres across and seven metres high are the world’s first museum galleries permanently dedicated to exhibiting live art, performance, installation and film works.

As part of the opening programme, Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker has adapted her 1982 work, Fase: Four Movements to the Music of Steve Reich. An hour-long minimalist dance performed by De Keersmaeker and a partner, Fase explores the relationship between music and dance, articulating the structural principles of the musical composition rather than the dance illustrating the music. In this video she introduces what it’s like to perform in The Tanks, and what she thinks these new spaces might bring to the work.

You can see Fase: Four Movements to the Music of Steve Reich from 18 July – 20 July 2012 as part of the The Tanks: Art in Action at Tate Modern.