Rich green abstract blocks veil the river scene to create a transparent, watery overlay to this beautiful print on paper.  

Julian Trevelyan, 'Rowers' 1972
Julian Trevelyan
Rowers 1972
Intaglio print on paper
image: 356 x 479 mm
Presented by Waddington Galleries through the Institute of Contemporary Prints 1975© The estate of Julian Trevelyan

Sharply contrasting is the regimentation of the eight rowers and angular positioning of the oars, which together give a sense of animation, echoing the repetitive movement of rowing. 

The team are in unison. The team look determined.  Are they just about to enter the water? Or have they already raced?

This piece, Rowers, was created in 1972, the same year as the Munich Olympics. The artist is Julian Trevelyan, a British painter and engraver with a tendency for Surrealism and Expressionism.