While plenty of us might be getting ready to hole up and keep cosy over the Christmas holiday, Peter Doig’s Ski Jacket 1994 is here to remind us of the outdoor pursuits we could be missing out on.

Peter Doig, 'Ski Jacket' 1994
Peter Doig
Ski Jacket 1994
Oil on canvas
support, right: 2953 x 1604 x 33 mm
support, left: 2950 x 1900 x 33 mm
Purchased with assistance from Evelyn, Lady Downshire's Trust Fund 1995© Peter Doig

Doig grew up in rural Quebec, Canada, where snow and skiing are not the rarity they are in the UK, and has done several paintings of snow and snow sports. However these skiers are not accomplished pros – rather stumbling learners. Doig has said about this work:

Ski Jacket depicts beginner skiers. If you look carefully you can see that they are all groping to stay on their feet, they are in very awkward positions, and whilst there are other things going on in that painting, that sense of awkwardness was one of the things that attracted me to that image. And I think painting is a bit like that, it takes time to actually take control of the ‘greasy’ stuff – paint.

With its rose-tinted colouring, nostalgic feel and sense of social awkwardness (not to mention the huge pine tree in the centre), Ski Jacket feels like the ideal work for the holiday season.

Enjoy the break, whether you’re out in the weather or indoors with the eggnog.