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  1. Video: Talks and lectures
    4 December 2003
    Length: 03:28:00

    Carsten Höller disturbs his viewers' assumptions with installations or interactive sculptures that deliberately but often playfully induce doubts...

  2. Article
    Marina Warner

    Marina Warner introduces Paula Rego's new illustrations for Charlotte Brontë 's Jane Eyre.

  3. Article
    Tom Morton

    A new exhibition at Tate Modern dares to imagine a better, more democratic world – and perhaps a better way of engaging with art. Tom Morton sets...

  4. Article
    Colette Swires

    Alan Davie was a vital post-war link between British and international art. Colette Swires introduces a retrospective of his 65-year career at Tate...

  5. Article

    Now in its 20th year, the Turner Prize will be broadcast by Channel 4 live from Tate Britain on 7 December. Justin Westover photographed the...

  6. Article
    peter blake

    Sir Peter Blake has created an alphabet of 'found' letters for Tate. He explains the inspiration for this artist project.

  7. Video: Talks and lectures
    26 November 2003
    Length: 14:00:00

    Jake and Dinos Chapman joins broadcaster Matthew Collings for a conversation about their current, past and future work.

  8. Video: Talks and lectures
    23 November 2003
    Length: 17:59:40

    Julia Kristeva is coming to Tate Britain to speak about 'génie féminine' and art.

  9. Video: Talks and lectures
    23 November 2003
    Length: 10:42:10

    Grayson Perry and Olver James talk sex and ceramics.

    Part of the series: Turner Prize
  10. Video: Talks and lectures
    13 November 2003
    Length: 02:11:50

    Thomas Hirschhorn is best known for his constructions of foil, plastic, cardboard and packing tape that appear both in art institutions and in...

  11. Video: Talks and lectures
    14 October 2003
    Length: 05:56:50

    Christiane Paul is the Adjunct Curator of New Media Arts at the Whitney Museum of American Art and the director of Intelligent Agent, a service...

  12. Article
    Paul Bonaventura

    Paul Graham's new series of photographs represents a powerful meditation on race in contemporary America

  13. Article
    Allan Massie

    The year is 1819; Venice is fading under Austrian rule after a thousand years of independence and imperial glory. Britain's most famous artist, J.M...

  14. Article
    Brian Cathcart

    He has created rainbows, dyed rivers green and made water flow uphill. Now Olafur Eliasson is taking on Tate Modern's Turbine Hall. Brian Cathcart...

  15. Article
    Mark Rappolt

    Tate magazine visited the Swiss-born artist at his Paris studio as he prepared for this autumn's group show Common Wealth at Tate Modern

  16. Article
    Frances Spalding

    The Tate Archive is no longer a dusty destination of interest only to experts: now you can explore it from home. Frances Spalding leads an online tour

  17. Article
    A.S. Byatt

    Sausages and potatoes, fairytale images and the dots of newspaper photographs – Sigmar Polke explores modern reality through an extraordinary range...

  18. Video: Talks and lectures
    30 September 2003
    Length: 01:32:50

    Jasia Reichardt is a writer and curator.

  19. Video: Talks and lectures
    17 September 2003
    Length: 21:10:50

    Bridget Riley's talk at Tate Britain

  20. Article
    Peter Gidal

    Filmmaker, writer and influential teacher Peter Gidal gives a personal overview of A Century of Artists' Film in Britain, showing at Tate Britain...

Showing 1-20 of 77 results