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  1. Video: Interview
    16 December 2006
    Length: 20:18:13

    Artist Interview

    Part of the series: Level 2 Gallery Tate Modern
  2. Video: Interview
    16 December 2006
    Length: 23:13:14

    Artist Interview

    Part of the series: Level 2 Gallery Tate Modern
  3. Video: Interview
    16 December 2006
    Length: 03:09:39

    Artist Interview

    Part of the series: Level 2 Gallery Tate Modern
  4. Video: Performance and music
    9 December 2006
    Length: 09:35:22

    Performance by Sue Tompkins

    Part of the series: Art Now
  5. Video: Conference
    9 December 2006
    Length: 04:20:30

    Artists Akinbode Akinbiyi and Zaynab Toyosi Odunsi discuss their work with critic and writer Nancy Hynes and Augustus Casely-Hayford, Director of...

  6. Audio: Conference

    West Africa has a rich and vibrant history of photography and has produced some of the most outstanding imagery for well over a century....

  7. Video: Conference
    8 December 2006
    Length: 14:56:40

    Isobel Crombie, Senior Curator of Photography at the National Gallery of Victoria joins Anne Ferran, Lisa Reihana and Yee I-Lann in conversation to...

  8. Audio: Talks and lectures
    6 December 2006

    Simon Grant, editor of Tate Etc., talks to Daniel Buren about his exhibition Invention II: works in situ at Modern Art Oxford, 4 November 2006 to...

  9. Audio: Poem
    1 December 2006

    This month David Harsent presents his poem on Jean Dubuffet’s L'Arbre de Fluides 1950, and Susan Hiller’s After the Freud Museum 1991–96, both...

    Part of the series: Poem of the month
  10. Video: Talks and lectures
    28 November 2006
    Length: 08:32:40

    Keith Tyson is influenced by his pursuit of knowledge and his fascination with scientific concepts and philosophical theories as a means of...

  11. Audio: Talks and lectures
    25 November 2006

    Carl Andre makes a rare appearance to perform a live reading of a selection of his poems and then discuss their sources and construction with Tate...

  12. Video: Performance and music
    25 November 2006
    Length: 00:05:07

    Martin Creed performance at Tate Modern and interview

  13. Video: Talks and lectures
    22 November 2006
    Length: 02:10:00

    The artist gives a talk about his travels, his processes and his videos.

    Part of the series: Turner Prize
  14. Audio: Talks and lectures
    21 November 2006

    A talk by Argentinean artist Jorge Macchi is followed by a discussion between Macchi and Dawn Ades, Professor of Art History and Theory at the...

  15. Video: Talks and lectures
    18 November 2006
    Length: 03:52:10

    At this discussion Qiu Zhijie (Shanghai), Yeondoo Jung (Seoul), Yao Jui-Chong (Taipei) and Japanese curator Masafumi Fukagawa (Kawasaki City Museum...

  16. Audio: Talks and lectures
    13 November 2006

    In this discussion, the advertising creative behind one of the campaigns inspired by Peter Fischli and David Weiss’s The Way Things Go 1986–7 meets...

  17. Video: Talks and lectures
    10 November 2006
    Length: 14:55:50

    This session brings together exciting young practitioners from Latin America, including Brazilian artist Rosângela Rennó; Colombian artist Oscar...

  18. Video: Talks and lectures
    7 November 2006
    Length: 06:40:10

    In a unique event, Tomma Abts joins Jan Verwoert of the Kunstverein Munich and the Academy of Umeå and a contributor to frieze, Springerin and...

    Part of the series: Turner Prize
  19. Video: Talks and lectures
    3 November 2006
    Length: 10:11:40

    Aydan Murtezaoglu, Tanja Dabo, Alexandra Croitoru and Aurora Dediu, discuss the various incongruities associated with the Balkans in this panel...

  20. Audio: Conference

    Photographic images emerging from the Balkan states are frequently fraught with complexities resulting from the region’s turbulent history,...

Showing 1-20 of 136 results