Script: Lawyer: We are the good guys, at least in the storyline we like to stick to. Andrea Geyer, Sharon Hayes, Ashley Hunt, Katya Sander and David Thorne.

Artist’s film clip, excerpt. Part of 9 Scripts From a Nation at War.



Performers: Tanya Selvaratnam (Lawyer); Hardhi Harris, Jack Hayflick, Fiona Horrigan, James Kaliardos, Carol Neiman, Sangeeta Parekh, Marguerite Plekhanov, Patricia Thomas, Tammy Tunyavongs, Andrea Weston (Audience)

Running Time: 17 minutes 57 seconds A lawyer, played by an actress, gives a presentation to an audience about her relationship to law and the extra-legal crisis of the Guantanamo detentions. The text is based on an interview with a U.S. lawyer representing Yemeni detainees held at Guantanamo Bay.