Artist Nicoline van Harskamp will present her work in the BMW Tate Live Performance Room on Thursday 19 September 2013 at 20:00BST



For English Forecast, Nicoline van Harskamp has researched what the possible future sound and nature of spoken English might be. A team of actors, with different mother tongues, will perform this language, and online audiences are invited to participate by repeating what they hear. Their task involves use of the full range of consonants and vowels of the International Phonetic Alphabet – a notation system for the totality of sounds that can be made by speech.

The artist invites you to record yourself watching and co-performing English Forecast in audio or video, and to send your recordings via and upload service such as wetransfer to She will incorporate the recordings in the continuation of her work on the topic of international English, of which she will keep you informed individually.