Session 2: The Evolution of ‘Globalization’

Speaker: Suman Gupta, Senior Lecturer, Literature Department, The Open University



Suman Gupta‘s presentation gives a brief history of the evolving connotations of the term ‘globalization’ from the late 1970s onwards. It ponders some of the early uses of the term, as it emerged to replace ‘internationalization’ from three linked directions: alluding to extensions of American sociology; denoting a programme of instituting uniformities within and across nation states; and, most importantly, connoting the character of advanced capitalism. The manner in which the term gradually acquired, in the course of the 1980s and 1990s, an abstract normative character, representing inevitable change on a global scale, is also considered. Associations of the term with cultural and economic neo-imperialism spawned, particularly in the course of the 1990s, an ‘anti-globalization’ movement – or more precisely, some sort of alignment of various interest groups against the globalizing establishment. This is often characterized as advocating ‘globalization from below’. Gupta observes that some political theorists now understand ‘globalization’ as incorporating the ideas and activities of both those who champion changes from above and those who struggle for changes from below.

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