Grayson Perry and Olver James talk sex and ceramics.



One of this year’s Turner Prize nominees, Grayson Perry has generated much public debate. In part this is because he explores various media – working with film, embroidery, photography, ceramics and has even written a graphic novel, to test the boundaries of fine art practice. But also because his subject matter – part autobiographical, part popular culture – grabbles with cultural stereotypes. His transvestite alter ego Claire is a rich source for his classically shaped vases and much of his performance work, as is his family and the current political terrain. Never bashful and certainly controversial, Grayson Perry joins the noted psychologist and columnist Oliver James, clinical psychologist and author of They F*** You Up - How to Survive Family Life, to discuss families, creativity, autobiography and the complex nature of self. See the Turner Prize 2003 section of Tate Online for futher information on the artist and images of his work.