Artist’s film clip, excerpt



UK 2007, video, 14 minutes

Born in London in 1976 and brought up in France, Alice Anderson trained at the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts before returning to London in 2004. An artist of mystery, Anderson produces photographs and videos that are tinged with darkness. Her characters are marked by the beauty of despair and caustic behaviour. With their frequent allusions to a troubled autobiography and to the mother figure, her videos form a series of Freudian fables. Barbe Bleue recasts the Bluebeard legend in the feminine, presenting a new look at the forbidden. Barbe Bleue is a woman of androgynous physique, who lives alone in a vast and magnificent house where one day a poor mother and her handsome son present themselves at the door. A curious relationship establishes itself between the three characters, one question returning endlessly: who is Barbe Bleue and what is hidden in the room that may not be entered?