Artist’s film clip, excerpt



Argentina 2007, digital video transferred to dvd, 11 minutes

Born in Comodoro Rivadavia in 1975, Sebastián Díaz-Morales lives and works in his native Argentina and in the Netherlands. His work reveals a profound desire for freedom: in documentaries, video-essays or short films, Díaz-Morales is as concerned with experiment as he is with narrative. Produced with minimal equipment—a video camera and a computer—his films mix fiction and reality, presenting individuals confronted by the natural environment or by the pressures of a society torn by political and economic imbalances. Video for Díaz-Morales is an art of scrupulous and committed observation. In an age saturated with language, yelling and speechifying Díaz-Morales works with silent video, allowing him to carve out his own space and to develop a sensibility that privileges the image. Oracle offers a random assemblage of images that address the future as a continuation of the present. Presented without judgment or interpretation, these images succeed each other, like an oracle fusing past and future in the here and now of the spectator.