Artist’s film clip, excerpt



Luxembourg 2007, video, 10 minutes

Su-Mei Tse, the daughter of a Chinese father and a British mother, was born in Luxembourg in 1973. Contrast and hybridity are sources of inspiration and reflection in her work as a visual artist and musician. Her projects combine film, photography, music and dance in a logic that is above all concerned with emotion. For Open Score, Su-Mei Tse returns to subjects such as autism, already treated in Chambre sourde (2003) and Le Musicien autiste (1999-2003). ‘Introspection manifests itself in the form of an invented hybrid game, half-way between squash and tennis, in which we follow a single player playing in a blank space, a ‘white box’; a very strong white, accentuating the idea of the void and of confrontation with a space that can also stand for mental space. Suggesting also absence, solitude, and confrontation with ones own ‘I’, or the ‘blank page’ that lies at the beginning of every new work, and which takes form in the course of the game.’ [Su-Mei Tse]