Artist’s film clip, excerpt



France 2007, video, 5’42 minutes

Valérie Mréjen is an artist, photographer and writer. Living in Paris, where she was born in 1969, Mréjen first devoted herself to the visual arts, but words turned out to be as important to her work as images. In addition to her videos and short films, she writes fiction. L’Agrume, published in 2001, was awarded the French prize for the best second novel. Rigorous in the extreme, attentive to the smallest detail, Mréjen conceives her videos in minutely calculated static shots. She finds her subjects in everyday simplicities. Many of her videos are concerned with childhood, misunderstanding, and the comedy of human relationships, but Mréjen’s concerns are very far from being merley sociological. She works with actors as a means of freeing herself from the constraints of documentary. In Bulles, the characters reflect in silence on their relationships to other individuals, who may be present or absent from the room: in voice-over, we hear their thoughts, suppositions, and misunderstandings.