Vote in Tate’s new prize for digital talent



The IK Prize celebrates creative talent in the digital industry. An expert jury has shortlisted four ideas that explore art differently, ranging from robots roaming the galleries, to interactive video, stories told through social media, and an art experience in the online world of Minecraft. Watch the four films about the candidates and cast your vote now!


00.30...but it`s 3.30...What are you on?..On a hunger strike....Controlling robots since 2010?...HOW ABOUT A HELICOPTER or a drone,,,come on be adventurous!!!!

And don`t tell me that i`m not allowed to use flash...These arn`t the ancient pyramids of Egypt!!..In the meantime you ARE spending all this money whilst little old ladies are topping themselves on the M6 due to THE BEDROOM TAX...Maybe you`ve got your priorities completey wrong?

Great idea and was really looking forward to it, but the website signposting is dreadful and when I think I did find the live feed it said my iPad browser could not control it, so I never actually got to see the feed. So I tried my Mac and the browser said Application Error with the site. Tried the iPad again and same application error with Safari. Not impressed as when you want to see things like this you expect the web site links to be clear and up front, and to work.

i think is an awesome chance to visit the museum utilizing the experiments created by you guys. Also for the Poor kids to dream big and see different way of learning , instead of just chatting on cell phones . this is a great way for many to experience from you own path .