Claire Bishop, Delegated Performance: Outsourcing Authenticity



One of the most prevalent tendencies in visual art performance since the early 1990s has been the hiring of non-professionals to do performances, a development in keeping with changes in the economy at large. Conventionally this work is discussed in terms of the ethics of representation. By contrast, I will argue that the outsourcing of labour in delegated performance reveals our persistent desire to be exhibited and exploited.

Claire Bishop is Associate Professor in the PhD Program in Art History at CUNY Graduate Center, New York. Her publications include Installation Art: A Critical History (2005) and Artificial Hells: Participatory Art and the Politics of Spectatorship (2012). Her curatorial projects include the exhibition Double Agent at the ICA, London (2008) and the PRELUDE.11 performance festival at the Graduate Center (2011). She is a regular contributor to Artforum, October, e-flux, and other magazines.