Artist Interview



STRIKE (2005/7) consists of a scaffold structure on which the word ‘strike’ is spelled out using fluorescent tubes in the ‘K. font’. This font was created by the artists in homage to the protagonist of Franz Kafka’s The Castle, a novel about bureaucratic processes and paranoia. The flickering lights evoke the labyrinthine institutional spaces and systems that Kafka describes. STRIKE is installed in the gallery window and the lights can be seen from offices in The City and from the Millennium Bridge. As visitors approach the window, a motion detector switches off the lights. Only if there is no movement do they switch on again. Appropriately, suspension of activity is required to animate the word strike. On the ceiling is the smoke drawing The Educated Consumer is Our Best Customer (2007), written using a cigarette lighter. It is a hybrid of the vandalistic outbursts scrawled in public toilets and aphoristic statements found in conceptual art.