This talk took place as part of the Live Culture programme of Live Art performances, debates and presentations.



Marina Abramovic is a highly distinguished performance artist. For over 20 years she has collected materials from film, dance, theatre, music, rituals and performance. For Live Culture she wound through a personal visual archive of performance related materials focused around the performing body, its mental and physical limits. Few other artists have taken greater personal risks than Marina Abramovic. Since the early 1970’s her work has been a personal investigation of physical limits and mental potential through the medium of performance. Pushing herself to extremes to transcend consciousness, her extraordinary work confronts and challenges Western notions of fear, pain and mortality. Live Culture is curated by Lois Keidan, Daniel Brine and Adrian Heathfield, and supported by the Arts Council of England, the Live Art Development Agency, London Arts, The Regional Arts Lottery Programme, The Felix Trust for Art, and The Henry Moore Foundation