Still image of Pervasive Animation - 24 parts

This is the video recording from day one of the Tate Modern conference Pervasive Animation and is footage from the opening evening

Pervasive Animation – Part 1: Opening panel discussion

This is the video recording of the Tate Modern conference Pervasive Animation, and begins with this opening panel discussion

Welcome: Stuart Comer, Suzanne Buchan.
Panel Discussion: Johnny Hardstaff, Norman Klein, Esther Leslie, Michael Snow, Vivian Sobchack.
Moderators: Suzanne Buchan, Stuart Comer.

Animation has an unlimited potential to visually represent events, scenarios and forms that have little or no relation to our experience of the ‘real’ world. Implemented in many ways, in many disciplines, it is increasingly influencing our perception and experience of the world we live in. This timely and groundbreaking international conference unites speakers from a wide range of research agendas and creative practices. It facilitates much-needed dialogue centred on the ubiquitous and interdisciplinary nature of animation, its potentially radical future development, and its ethical responsibilities for spatial politics in moving image culture.

The conference’s contributors include Norman Klein, Michael Snow, Vivian Sobchack, Tom Gunning, Anthony McCall, George Griffin, Suzanne Buchan, Beatriz Colomina, Edwin Carels, Siegfried Zielinski, Lisa Cartwright, Johnny Hardstaff and Esther Leslie.

Especially since the digital shift, the uses of animation are no longer exclusive to cinema, and animation’s origins in pre-cinematic optical experiments through avant-garde experimental film continue to evolve in fascinating ways. Artists increasingly incorporate animation in installations and exhibitions, architects use computer animation software to create narratives of space in time, and scientists use it to interpret abstract concepts for a breadth of industries ranging from biomedicine to nanoworlds. Pervasive Animation provides a dynamic international forum to explore animation’s myriad forms and applications across a wide band of creative and professional practice.

Organised by Suzanne Buchan, Reader in Animation Studies and Director of the Animation Research Centre at the University College for the Creative Arts, and Stuart Comer, Curator of Film at Tate. Project Administrator, Maxa Zoller.
A collaboration with the Animation Research Centre, University College for the Creative Arts. Funded by Arts Council England, University College for the Creative Arts and Brunel University West London.