Nicola Durvasula, one of the artists featured in Tate Britain’s Watercolour exhibition, talks to Emily Evans, illustrator and Tate Forum member about working with watercolour.



This film is part of Reflections on Watercolour, a DVD for teachers. Exploring the use of watercolour by contemporary artists and young people, this resource is for secondary and further education students and aims to spark interest in the medium. The starting point for the resource is the Watercolour exhibition at Tate Britain which explores watercolour from the middle ages to the present day. Young people from Archbishop Tenison’s School and Tate Britain’s peer led advisory group, Tate Forum, interviewed four contemporary artists from the exhibition: David Austen, Nicola Durvasula, Sophie von Hellermann, and Neal Tait. In addition, the DVD contains interviews with illustrators Emily Evans and Sonia Yekinni, recent graduates and members of Tate Forum, and excerpts from exploratory watercolour workshops.