Sometimes an artist and sometimes a musician, Billy Childish is interviewing himself for TateShots.



In Part 5 of Tate’s Sound and Vision series, TateShots went to visit famed Punk rocker and artist Billy Childish at his studio in Kent. He initially trained as an apprentice stonemason in Chatham dockyard before attending St Martins School of Art, from which he was expelled in 1981. Born Steven Hamper, he got the name Billy Childish from a mate when he played in a punk band as a teenager. Since then Childish been as prolific a painter as he is a musician, and in this interview he talks about how his approach to making music art and poetry is often the same: ‘I’m interested in the elemental, not impressing myself and not impressing others. I fail, I often impress myself and I have sometimes impressed others’