Richard Tuttle unveils his largest ever work in the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern



The vast space of Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall welcomes the largest work ever created by American sculptor Richard Tuttle.

Entitled I Don’t Know . The Weave of Textile Language, this newly commissioned sculpture combines vast sways of fabrics designed by the artist from both man-made and natural fibres in bold and brilliant colours. The commission is part of a wider survey of the artist taking place in London this autumn, comprising an exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery surveying five decades of Tuttle’s career and a new publication rooted in the artist’s own collection of historic and contemporary textiles.

I Don’t Know . The Weave of Textile Language is at Tate Modern until 6 April 2015.


The only thing that Richard Tuttle says here that makes any sense is this: "most people think colour is already a dead subject. But the artist, on the other hand, sees it as really the opposite; a completely inexhaustible subject" The rest is just meaningless.