Video recordings from the 2003 Tate Modern event user_mode = emotion + interaction in electronic performance, including performances from Akufen, Golan Levin, Janek Schaefer

user_mode = emotion + interaction in electronic performance – Part 1: Golan Levin

Golan Levin's audiovisual works at Tate Modern

Golan Levin is an artist, composer, performer and engineer based in New York City. Levin’s work spans a variety of online, installation and performance media, and he has performed at Ars Electronica in Austria, the Kitchen, P.S.1, and The Knitting Factory in New York, IRCAM in Paris, Sonar in Barcelona, and many other contexts. 

He is known for Dialtones, a concert whose sounds are wholly performed through the carefully choreographed dialling and ringing of the audience’s own mobile phones, and Scribble, a live audiovisual concert performed on custom-built software. 

Levin is now in the research phase of a new body of work, which will lead to audiovisual performances conducted on highly miniaturized, interactive robotic systems.

user_mode = emotion + interaction in electronic performance – Part 2: Janek Schaefer

Sound artist Janek Schaefer performs at Tate Modern 

Janek Schaefer is a musician and sound artist based in London. His work addresses the role of the vinyl record as a compositional tool. Schaefer has released music on Fat Cat, [K-RAA-K]3, and Rhiz Records as well as his own label, audiOh. He has also created many installations and soundtracks for exhibitions. 

His performances involving his self-built ‘Twin’ and ‘Tri-phonic’ turntables (officially The World’s Most Versatile Record Player – Guinness Book of Records) have become must-see events for audiences interested in experimental music and performance. When playing live, Schaefer combines manipulated field recordings with live modified vinyl in a manner The Wire magazine describe as ‘concréte ruffian style’. In 1999 Schaefer was chosen as ‘Sound Designer of the Year’ by Creative Review magazine.

user_mode = emotion + interaction in electronic performance – Part 3: Akufen

Selections of Akufen's nine-piece composition called Music for Pregnancy are played at this concert at Tate Modern

Akufen is the main musical project of Montreal based electronic musician, Marc Leclair. The name Akufen is taken from the phonetic spelling of the French word for tinnitus. Leclair’s music incorporates found sounds and samples sourced from radio, and he has been instrumental in the creation of ‘microsampling’. His methodology is to uncover the emotive properties of sound artefacts by removing them from their original context. He has released recordings on some of the most influential electronic labels in Europe and North America, including, Revolver, Trapez, Perlon, Mutek, and Oral. His highly acclaimed album, My Way was released in 2002 on Force Inc. Though Leclair counts Phillip Glass and Steve Reich amongst his early inspirations and influences, the humorous possibilities of sound remain a relevant, flavour-enhancing element in Leclair’s productions. He comments: ‘I prefer the playful approach, almost coming from the cartoon aesthetic.’

His latest project is a nine-piece composition called Music for Pregnancy. Selections of were played at this concert at Tate Modern. With several of his female friends becoming pregnant at roughly the same time, this work is intended as a meditation on the process of childbirth. It will be released on Montreal label, Oral.