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Case study: The Louis Vuitton Young Arts Project


Launched in May 2010, The Louis Vuitton Young Arts Project brings together youth groups from five leading London art galleries: Tate, South London GalleryWhitechapel Gallery, Hayward Gallery and Royal Academy of Arts.


The project aims to:

  • Give young people in London unique access to the arts
  • Develop interest in the arts and provide career inspiration for young people
  • Create links with five prestigious London art galleries
  • Help the young people create a website which enables young people to interact and explore creative projects


The Louis Vuitton Young Arts Project is realised through four activity strands:

Creative Workshops

Members of each gallery’s youth group visit each other’s institution throughout the year, to share their experiences of the programme through peer-led curated events.

Louis Vuitton Summer Academy

An annual five-day course during the summer holidays at the Louis Vuitton head office and a partner institution. Participants from each partner institution’s youth group work with artists, curators and other professionals in a variety of ways, including field trips to exhibitions and creative, discursive workshops.


A platform and forum created by and for young people, allowing them to communicate, share and support each other through the creative process.

Year end celebration

Louis Vuitton host an event to celebrate the achievements of all the partner institutions’ youth groups, after each year of the programme was complete.


Now in its third year the Louis Vuitton Young Arts Project has:

  • Completed the first Summer Academy at Louis Vuitton head office and the Royal Academy, where young participants created a series of photographs exploring artists’ self portraits which were exhibited in the Louis Vuitton Bond Street Maison
  • Completed a second Summer Academy at the South Bank Centre, which focused on performance art
  • Launched the REcreative website, designed and created by young people, which already has over 1,000 members
  • Embarked on the next round of creative workshops and events, which will take inspiration from the Yayoi Kusama exhibition at Tate Modern, and began working with two high-profile international artists in preparation for the 2012 Summer Academy.