Visitors at the exhibition Turner Prize: A Retrospective, Tate Britain, 2008

Visitors at the exhibition Turner Prize: A Retrospective, Tate Britain, 2008

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Case studies: supporting exhibitions at Tate

Our supporters have contributed towards a number of recent exhibitions at Tate.

Cy Twombly: Cycles and Seasons

Cy Twombly, 'Quattro Stagioni: Primavera' 1993-5

Cy Twombly
Quattro Stagioni: Primavera 1993-5
Acrylic, oil, crayon, and pencil on canvas
support: 3132 x 1895 x 35 mm frame: 3230 x 1996 x 67 mm
Purchased with assistance from the American Fund for the Tate Gallery and Tate Members 2002© The estate of Cy Twombly

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Tate Modern’s Summer 2008 Cy Tombly: Cycles and Seasons exhibition, curated by Sir Nicholas Serota, was Twombly’s first solo retrospective in 15 years.

The collective support of a consortium of individuals – The Cy Twombly Exhibition Supporters Group, Tate International Council, the American Patrons of Tate and the Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation – made this show possible. Their generosity and commitment enabled Tate to bring together a spectacular range of Twombly’s work dating from the 1950s to the present day; hold a valuable academic symposium exploring new research on the artist; and give new audiences the chance to enjoy Twombly through our imaginative learning programme. Tate is very grateful to all our benefactors for their support.

Duchamp, Man Ray, Picabia

Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, and Francis Picabia were central figures in the history of modernism and their pioneering ideas about art still resonate today. The three artists remained friends throughout their lives and spent time together in both America and Europe. This transatlantic dialogue was one the key themes explored in Tate Modern’s hugely popular Duchamp, Man Ray, Picabia exhibition.

We were delighted to have the support of the Terra Foundation for American Art which fosters the understanding and enjoyment of American art internationally. With the support of the Terra Foundation, Tate was able to bring together an unprecedented collection of work by the three artists, providing a unique focus on the connections and parallels between their works. Tate is very grateful to the Terra Foundation for their support.

The exhibition Duchamp, Man Ray, Picabia, Tate Modern, 2008

The exhibition Duchamp, Man Ray, Picabia, Tate Modern, 2008

Cy Twombly: Cycles and Seasons is supported by the Cy Twombly Exhibition Supporters Group and Horace W. Goldsmith
Duchamp, Man Ray, Picabia is supported by the Terra Foundation