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  • Learning workshop

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  • Lichtenstein Access Tour image

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  • Image from Late at Tate

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  • A Tate conservator at work
  • © Richard Eaton

    © Richard Eaton

  • Natasha Duff carrying out varnish removal

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  • School workshop

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  • Frame conservation

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The Tate Fund

Tate is a champion for art and its place in society and we strive to promote the arts through all we do, while opening the experience and enjoyment of art to as wide an audience as possible.

The Tate Fund provides vital support across our galleries, enabling Tate to carry out its central mission to promote the public understanding and enjoyment of art.

Every year, donations to the Tate Fund help us to:

Uniquely among national museums and galleries of similar scale in Britain, Tate raises the majority of its own running costs. Donations to the Tate Fund are therefore critical in enabling us to continue to offer personal and unique experiences of both familiar and new art within and beyond our galleries.

Every gift, no matter the size, makes a real difference.

Thank you for your support.