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Every year almost 3 million people join in learning activities in our galleries, online and with our partners across the UK. Learning at Tate is for people of all ages, regardless of their level of knowledge or area of interest. We work hard to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to engage with, respond to and learn about the art in the national collection.

Our dedicated teams deliver imaginative and stimulating programmes for a wide variety of visitors:

  • Kids at Tate

The use of gallery spaces, artists and the process of making art are at the core of our learning programme where we aim to provoke curiosity, wonder and questioning.

  • Young people

Tate Collectives provides a platform for 15 to 25 years olds to produce their own programmes using their experiences, ideas and knowledge to explore art.

  • Late at Tate

This popular after-hours events programme welcomes both new and regular visitors to the galleries with opportunities for creative exchanges, debates and discussion and informal learning experiences that develop understanding, participation and interest in art.

  • Adults at Tate

By creating spaces for adult learning experiences we seek to provide a deeper and more satisfying understanding of art.

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I had the best day ever at Tate and when I grow up I want to be an artist.
Flora, age 7, visiting a gallery for the first time

I thought it was a great experience…it really inspired me to do some creative work similar to this at home.
Martin, age 16

I can’t imagine anyone going home and not feeling that they’d had a most gratifying experience.
Late at Tate visitor

This course has been a challenge and an amazing learning curve. My only caveat is that I wish it had been longer!
An adult visitor after attending a Tate course

How your donations have helped

In the past year:

  • 67,744 people took part in early years and families programmes at Tate Britain and Tate Modern
  • 5,000 families took part in activities at Tate St Ives
  • 2,000 people visited Tate Liverpool’s drop-in art space every month
  • 80 children attended a Special Educational Needs workshop each academic term
  • 10 artists worked with the Tate schools’ workshop programme
  • 25,000 young people took part in Tate Collectives events
  • 8,000 young people attended an event at one of our partner organisations
  • 18,000 visitors enjoyed a stimulating variety of Late at Tate events
  • 29,000 adults enjoyed an adult learning event
  • 1,700 adults developed their understanding of art on a Tate course
  • 100 artists were involved with the adult learning programme

Download the Tate Fund report 2013/14 [PDF, 584 kB]