You can make a regular charitable donation to Tate straight from your gross salary through the Payroll Giving scheme, available through your UK employer.

It costs you less to donate more. Anyone paid through Pay As You Earn (PAYE) can use payroll giving to make a regular donation to Tate, provided their employer has a payroll giving scheme in place. (They may refer to the scheme using a specific payroll agency brand name such as ‘Give As You Earn’.)

How payroll giving works

On a payroll gift of £20 per month:

  • Donor’s monthly pledge: £20
  • Cost to basic-rate taxpayer (22%): £15.60
  • Cost to higher-rate taxpayer (40%): £12

Donate to Tate via payroll giving

To make a payroll gift, speak to your employer to see if your organisation offers a payroll-giving scheme. If so, your employer will arrange for your payroll administrator to make the gift to Tate from your gross pay. Some companies may also match employees’ charitable donations up to a certain amount.

For further information about supporting Tate in this way please contact the Development Office: call +44 (0)20 7821 2958 or email