We believe passionately that no disability should prevent an individual from enjoying art

  • Visitor on the Lichtenstein access tour
    Every visitor should have access to a lifetime of learning

At Tate we work hard to ensure that visitors with disabilities are able to access and enjoy our galleries and collection.

We do this by providing out-of-hours access, British Sign Language talks, multimedia guides and Deafblind/Touch tours.

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Help us ensure that everyone can develop their enjoyment and knowledge of art and simply have freedom of movement within our galleries.

Your gift, no matter the size, will make a real and important difference. Thank you.

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The tour guide handled my blindness perfectly, in that he treated me like a person
Visitor on a Touch tour

Your ease of access for people with disabilities is really excellent and is transforming my father’s life
A visitor on an access tour

How your donations have helped

In the past year:

  • 2,400 visitors attended a British Sign Language tour
  • 400 disabled visitors experienced out-of-hours access to our exhibitions
  • 200 visitors took part in events during Learning Disability Awareness week
  • 120 attendees to Queer Britannia British Sign Language Interpreted tours
  • 100 people enjoyed an Audio Description tour
  • 58 blind visitors attended a Touch tour
  • 29 deaf guides and interpreters trained to enhance their ability to deliver British Sign Language tours at Tate

Download the Tate Fund report 2014/15 [PDF, 14.97 Mb]