artist-led tour of Tate Liverpool

Without Members support Tate would not be what it is today
Nicholas Serota, Tate Director

Members are at the heart of Tate and every year you provide vital funding to the galleries.

Members support helps us build and care for the collection, as well as fund national and regional partnerships allowing more art to be seen by more people. Tate’s ambitious and bold building projects would also not have been possible without your support.

Building for the future

Providing exciting, innovative and provocative spaces for art to be enjoyed has always been a must for Tate.

Members support goes towards the development of such spaces and also the maintaining of them to ensure we remain a must-see attraction for our stunning collection and remarkable spaces.

The New Tate Modern

An architectural concept view of the new Tate Modern building during the day
View from the South

This major project will provide space for more of our collection to go on display, as well as an additional Members Room, complete with a stunning view across London. The new galleries will be open to the public on Friday 17 June 2016, and Tate Members will have access to the transformation before anyone else during a special Members Preview on 14 and 15 June. 

Transforming Tate Britain

The spiral rotunda staircase Tate Britain
The spiral rotunda staircase inside the entrance of the gallery

In 2013 the new Tate Britain opened its doors after a major redevelopment project led by architects Caruso St John. The gallery has a new chronological collection display, for the first time allowing 500 years of British art to be seen under one roof in historical sequence.

The development also means a new Members Room positioned on the Rotunda balcony. This space was previously closed to the public and has been opened up for Members to enjoy.

Supporting development at Tate St Ives

Tate St Ives with proposed new extension photomontage
Tate St Ives with proposed new extension (within the red line) October 2012
Designed by Jamie Fobert Architects Limited

At Tate St Ives, our other major building project is well under way. The new Tate St Ives will transform existing spaces and create new areas for displaying more artwork, allowing visitors to engage more deeply with art. The new gallery will be able to accommodate larger scale artworks and installations and give visitors a more relaxing and social visit. 

Building the collection

Every year Members help us to grow the collection, ensuring a diverse range of artists are represented from all corners of the world.

Meschac Gaba, 'Museum of Contemporary African Art in London' 2013
Meschac Gaba
Museum of Contemporary African Art in London 2013
© Meschac Gaba
Ibrahim El-SalahiReborn, 'Sounds of Childhood Dreams I' 1961–5
Ibrahim El-SalahiReborn
Sounds of Childhood Dreams I 1961–5
© Ibrahim Salahi

Whilst in the 57 years Tate Members have been supporting the gallery you’ve helped us acquire over 500 artworks, from Picasso to HockneyHogarth and more – meaning there is more art, from more places, for more people to enjoy.

Take a look at some of the recent artworks acquired thanks to Members support.

Thank you for your ongoing support as a Tate Member.