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  • Bp Art Ex Featured online exhibition Ben Smiths 5
    ‘ The medal represents me as a part of a team, a community, where we work and train together.’
  • Bp Art Ex Featured online exhibition Ben Smiths 1
    'This Rugby shirt is from the local club I have belonged to for over a decade. My dad was the coach and our sense of belonging to the community has grown together. The shirt represents teamwork, trust, respect, pride and commitment. The shirt belongs to me; however the opposite is also true for when playing, you are recognised by the emblem on your shirt and the club you belong to.’
  • Bp Art Ex Featured online exhibition Ben Smiths 2
    ‘The tap shoe represents dance, something I have dedicated a large part of my life to. It reminds me of something that has been important in making me who I am today. Being a dancer gives me a sense of belonging; belonging not only to a group of friends and a school, but to dancers all over the world, who share a love of what they do.’
  • Bp Art Ex Featured online exhibition Ben Smiths 3
    ‘Thinking of my family tree makes me realise how understanding and knowledge of the past is important for understanding the present. It also makes me feel that I belong to a special place.’
  • Bp Art Ex Featured online exhibition Ben Smiths 6
    ‘ This traditional drinking horn signifies belonging to me as it connects me to my roots, history and community through remembering the shared custom of drinking mead together'.
  • Bp Art Ex Featured online exhibition Ben Smiths 7
    ‘These Christmas song lyrics symbolise community for me because singing them together with our family and friends plays a big part in how we celebrate Christmas.’

A series of photographs by Ben Smith pairing refugees with new friends made in Denmark and the UK. Each portrait is shot by the sea or water to allude to migration and transience and includes an object chosen by the subject to signify belonging. This photographic series is a part of BP Art Exchange display Belonging Together documenting participatory interventions devised by refugees, students and communities working alongside artist Albert Potrony in India, Denmark and the UK.
Belonging Together explores through film and photography Art’s capacity to create a social space for exchange and a sense of belonging. It is on display until 14 July at the McAulley Gallery and Screening Room in the Clore Learning Centre, Tate Modern.

Schools, artists, institutions and learning professionals can submit work to be considered for showing in the online exhibition. The gallery is public and all work is moderated. If you would like us to consider your own learning project for the online exhibition, please email us a selection of up to ten images with captions and a brief summary of the project to bpartexchange@tate.org.uk.