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  • Featured Artist Marysa Dowling 4
    Marysa Dowling
    Dancing #3 2011
    Chisenhale Live Art Residency
  • Featured Artist Marysa Dowling 1
    Marysa Dowling
    A Collective Moment
    , Blueprint 2006
  • Featured Artist Marysa Dowling 2
    Marysa Dowling
    Hair Sculptures #8 - 2012
    Parallel Interventions
  • Featured Artist Marysa Dowling 8
    Marysa Dowling
    String experiment #1 2012
    Parallel Interventions
  • Featured Artist Marysa Dowling 6
    Marysa Dowling
    Los Angeles, A Journey
    Journeys / Recorridos
  • Featured Artist Marysa Dowling 5
    Marysa Dowling
    Pairs #7 2011
    Live Art Residency Chisenhale
  • The Movement of an Object, Havana & Beirut 2010
    Marysa Dowling
    The Movement of an Object,
    Havana & Beirut 2010
  • Featured Artist Marysa Dowling 9
    The Movement of an Object
    These images were made by students of MARCO in Mexico in response to Marysa Dowling’s Movement of an Object project
  • The Movement of an Object, Tate 2012
    Marysa Dowling
    The Movement of an Object,
    Tate 2012

Marysa Dowling’s participatory practice is rooted within portraiture and concerned with human behaviour, exploring and observing how people communicate and relate to each other and the places they live. Her work is not specific to one time or place, projects become multi-layered, often happening in several countries, through building connections across communities, societies and cultures. Working closely with her subjects Dowling explores our sense of place, considering relationships, family and community as an interdependent mass. Crucial to her practice is the role that photography plays in daily life as a means of expression and representation. Recent commissions and residencies have centered on interaction, communication, objects and journeys within cities. 

Dowling has worked on commissions, projects and residencies in the UK, Ireland, Los Angeles, Cuba, South Africa, Mexico and Lebanon. Since 1998 Dowling has exhibited in both group and solo exhibitions such as Journeys | Recoriddos with LACMA in Los Angeles, The Movement of an Object at The Photographers’ Gallery and the John Kobal Portraiture Award in the National Portrait Gallery. She has been commissioned to produce work for publication and exhibition by The Whitechapel Gallery, The Photographers’ Gallery, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Courtauld Gallery, Tate Modern and Barnardo’s children’s charity. 

In addition to London’s Whitechapel Gallery Dowling has also worked on participation projects with The National Portrait Gallery, Chisenhale Gallery, The Courtauld Institute, Tate, Gasworks, Goldsmiths College, Bow Arts Trust, The Foundling Museum, San Alejandro School of Art (Havana) Barnardos and PhotoVoice.