Student resource
Henry Moore OM, CH, 'Recumbent Figure' 1938
Henry Moore's sculpture

A new resource for key stage 2-3 students looking at Henry Moore’s life, his sculpture, and where he found inspiration for his work.

Fernand Léger, 'ABC' 1927
Glossary of art terms

Browse Tate’s online glossary which is designed to explain and illuminate some of the art terminology you will find on our website, from abstract art to Zero

Student resource
Pablo Picasso, 'Bottle of Vieux Marc, Glass, Guitar and Newspaper' 1913
Cubism student resource

This new resource for KS3 students, introduces cubist artists, ideas and techniques and provides discussion and activity suggestions for creating a cubist artwork for the twenty-first century

Tate Kids
Henry Moore OM, CH, 'Girl Doing Homework I' 1974
Tate Kids: Homework help

Who is Bridget Riley and why did Yves Klein invent a colour? The Tate Kids homework help blogposts answers all those tricky art questions, most suitable for ages 8–13

Research resource
Introduction to J.M.W. Turner

Who was J.M.W. Turner and what did he secretly sketch? Whether you are looking for an insight or want to look at Turner in depth, browse our introduction to the master of Romantic landscapes

Learning resource
Try our free online courses

Through a series of learning tutorials, let artists and curators take you on a journey through art histories and practices from around the world

Inside an installation: Letter to the Censors

Explore installation art with this in-depth look at Carlos Garaicoa’s Letter to the Censors: discover what inspired the artist; how the work was made…and go behind-the-scenes to investigate what is involved in collecting, preserving and displaying installations

Tate Kids
Tate Kids: Reimagining Landscapes

Learn how to make your own digital world by transforming landscapes from Tate’s collection! Download our activity pack to find out how

In gallery resource
In-gallery teaching resources

Find out about free resources available for teachers planning a visit to the gallery