Members of the Bloomsbury Group in the garden at Charleston Farmhouse

They are often better known for their unconventional lifestyles then for the contribution they made to the development of modern art, design and literature. But did you know the Bloomsbury Group were known to the avant-garde Parisian circles of Matisse and Picasso? That they were among the first to make purely abstract artworks in Britain? That they produced and published some of the most important literature of the twentieth century?

Using photographs, letters and other material from Tate’s archive collection, this resource explores the creativity, achievements and important legacy of the artists, writers and intellectuals associated with the Bloomsbury circle; as well as providing some fascinating glimpses into thier lives, friendships and relationships.

Who were the Bloomsbury Group?

Find out who the Bloomsbury Group were; how they got together; and what they got up to...

Bloomsbury biographies

Read about the lives of Vanessa Bell, Roger Fry and Duncan Grant: the three remarkable individuals who were at the centre of the group and provided the framework on which it hung


Explore the art of Bloomsbury and discover its connections with the wider European avant-garde art scene

Omega Workshops

Discover how the abstract shapes and bold colours of modern art were transformed into designs for furniture, textiles and household accessories

Influence and achievements

Cutting-edge groundbreakers or privileged dabblers in the arts? Explore the legacy of the Bloomsbury group

Duncan Grant, 'Football' 1911
Collaborative projects

From house decoration to the richness and diversity of the Bloomsbury Group's collaborations