In depth: Constable's Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows 1831

Use this resource to explore the painting that Constable thought was his greatest. Learn about its subject and meanings, the techniques and materials Constable used, and the story of how the painting was preserved for the nation

Explore the painting

Setting the scene

Read an introduction to the painting and find out why Constable thought of it as his greatest work

Subjects and meaning

Explore some of the themes that inspired the painting

Techniques, materials and the 'six-footers'

Discover Constable’s techniques and why his ‘six-footer’ paintings were so revolutionary


John Constable


Who is John Constable? Read his biography to find out about his life and work

Related themes and activities

Constable's legacy and influence

Find out how he ensured the circulation and longevity of his masterpieces and explore his influence on later generations of artists

Constable's places

Explore some of the places around Constable’s boyhood home that inspired him to become a painter

Discussion and activities

Discuss, research and create using Constable’s themes and techniques

Aspire: National Network for Constable Studies

Find out about Aspire, a partnership programme between five national and regional galleries enabling audiences of all ages to enjoy and learn more about the work of John Constable

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