Pablo Picasso, 'Bottle of Vieux Marc, Glass, Guitar and Newspaper' 1913
Pablo Picasso
Bottle of Vieux Marc, Glass, Guitar and Newspaper 1913
© Succession Picasso/DACS 2002

Cubism was a radical art movement in the early twentieth century. It revolutionized the way artists represented what they saw around them. This resource introduces cubist artists, ideas and techniques and provides discussion and activity suggestions for creating a cubist artwork for the twenty-first century

Georges Braque, 'The Church of Carrières-Saint-Denis' 1909
Introduction: What is cubism?

Why ‘cubism’? What does it look like, and why was it so radical?

Meet the cubists

Meet the two artists behind cubism: Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso

What inspired cubism?

Discover the key influences that inspired cubism’s radical style

David Hockney, 'Caribbean Tea Time' 1987
Classroom activities

Explore cubist techniques with these activity suggestions, and create a cubist artwork for the twenty-first century

Georges Braque, 'Glass on a Table' 1909-10
Cubism explained: Ideas, techniques and materials

How does cubism work? Why did Braque and Picasso turn their back on traditional painting techniques? How did they develop their new style? 

Juan Gris, 'The Sunblind' 1914
Analytical vs synthetic cubism

Find out about the two distinct phases of cubism (and how you can tell them apart!)