Browser art is a renegade artwork made as part of a URL that uses the computer as raw material, transforming the codes, the structure of the websites and the links between servers into visual material

Some browser artworks automatically connect to the internet and then proceed to mangle the web pages by reading the computer’s ‘code’ the wrong way. The duo Joan Hermskerk and Dirk Paesmans, known as Jodi, have devised a program which the net art writer Tilman Baumgärtel has described as transforming a PC ‘into an unpredictable, terrifying machine that seems to have a life of its own’.

Other artists, like the British based duo Tom Corby and Gavin Baily, reduce image-rich web pages to stark white text. While the American artist Maciej Wisniewski has developed a browser that transforms the interactive experience of surfing the net into a passive activity, staring at floating images and texts.

Browser art is a sub-genre of net art.

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