Founded in Khartoum in 1971, the Crystalist Group were a conceptual art group who challenged the art establishment in Sudan and sought to challenge the dominating masculine vision of art in the country

The group was founded at the College of Fine Art in Khartoum by the Sudanese artists Kamala Ibrahim Ishaq and her students Muhammad Hamid Shaddad and Nayla El Tayib.

In 1978 they published the Crystalist Manifesto in which they argued that the universe is like a crystal cube: transparent and constantly changing according to the viewer’s position. The manifesto was intended to challenge the dominance of the older, more established art movement in Sudan known as the Khartoum School as well as put across their vision of art from a female perspective.

The group was multi-disciplinary, painting pictures and staging performances and installations. 

Kamala Ibrahim Ishaq has become a highly respected artist in the Arab world and participated in the 2002 exhibition Breaking the Veils: Women Artists from the Islamic World.